Free-standing Townhouse in the City Center of Siedlce with land surface of 1242 m2

Our offer concerning a Townhouse based in Siedlce at Sienkiewicza Street situated in the city centre and has got rich historical aspect.  Townhouse is located in large undeveloped area.

In the close neighborhood, there are residential buildings which have got not only residential functions but also commercial and public facilities (shops, schools, offices and restaurants). It’s worth to underline strategic location of the Townhouse, for example: railway station and bus station are only 700 meters away. Another important advantage is highway to Warsaw which is under construction.

Location of the property in the city center makes easy access from all parts of the city not only by public transport but also by private car. Around there are plenty of parking places. There is two-lane asphalt road along the property and  pavement area is made of concrete blocks.

It should be underline that this "palace" presented itself exceptionally in this environment, and its unique free-standing character distinguishes it from the other buildings in the area of ​​the  Sienkiewicza Street.

The property is fenced and guarded.

Townhouse building area is 200 m2.

Storey building built in 1900 is situated on a 1,242 m2 plot. It does not have a basement but there is an additional space in the form of the attic. The building consists of 11 rooms, 2 kitchens and 2 bathrooms.
Exterior walls are made of brick, ceilings and stairs are mostly plastered and windows are wooden. Roof is also wooden and covered with roofing tar. Walls inside has got plasters made of cement lime, partially are covered by wallpaper. Floor in all townhouse is wooden.

Property has an electrical, water and sewerage installation and connection to city gas network.

All those advantages make the property ideal to developed it into any kind of business. Especially to this environment would fit Modern Style building, for example a bank, a foundation, a restaurant or any object of cultural destiny.

The property is available immediately.